Cloud Computing

What it is

Cloud computing is a model that offers compute resources like CPU, network, and disk capabilities on-demand over the internet. Cloud computing gives users the ability to access and use computing power in a remote physical location. Cloud providers like AWS, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean, and others all offer third parties the ability to rent access to compute resources in multiple geographic locations.

Problem it addresses

Organizations traditionally faced two main problems when attempting to expand their use of computing power. They either acquire, support, design, and pay for facilities to host their physical servers and network or expand and maintain those facilities. Cloud computing allows organizations to outsource some portion of their computing needs to another organization.

How it helps

Cloud providers offer organizations the ability to rent compute resources on-demand and pay for usage. This allows for two major innovations: Organizations can focus on their product or service without waiting, planning, and spending resources on new physical infrastructure. They can simply scale as needed and on-demand. Cloud computing allows organizations to adopt as much or as little infrastructure as they need.

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