Containers as a Service

What it is

Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) is a cloud service that helps manage and deploy apps using container-based abstraction. This service can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

CaaS providers offer a framework or orchestration platform that automates key IT functions on which containers are deployed and managed. It helps developers build secure and scalable containerized apps. Because users only buy the resources they need (scheduling capabilities, load balancing, etc.), they save money and increase efficiency. Containers create consistent environments to rapidly develop and deliver cloud-native applications that can run anywhere.

Problem it addresses

Without CaaS, software development teams need to deploy, manage, and monitor the underlying infrastructure that containers run on.

How it helps

When deploying containerized applications to a CaaS platform, users gain visibility into system performance through log aggregation and monitoring tools. CaaS also includes built-in functionality for auto scaling and orchestration management. It enables teams to build high visibility and high availability distributed systems. In addition, by allowing rapid deployments, CaaS increases team development velocity. While containers ensure a consistent deployment target, CaaS lowers engineering operating costs by reducing needed DevOps resources needed to manage a deployment.