How To Contribute

All the content for the Cloud Native Glossary is stored in this GitHub repo. You’ll find there a list of issues, PRs, and discussions about the glossary.

General guidelines

To propose specific changes to a glossary entry, edit that entry in your branch and issue a pull request. To request that an entry be clarified, updated, or reconsidered, you may alternatively open an issue. To propose a new entry to the glossary, either create an issue or, if you have the definition drafted, add the entry to your branch and create a pull request.


Please jump in and help us out by reviewing open issues and making pull requests to resolve them. The easiest ones have been marked with the “good first issue” or “help wanted” tags. Choose one that hasn’t already been assigned to someone:


Other that haven’t yet been assigned may have been “claimed” by someone. Click on the issue to learn more about it. The example below is already claimed:


You can submit a new issue by clicking “Report issue” in the right sidebar of any page in the Glossary.

Updating a term (aka submitting a PR)

Follow these steps to update a glossary entry:

  1. Navigate to the term you’d like to edit
  2. Click “Edit this page” link in the right sidebar
  3. Create your own fork of the repository
  4. Make your changes to the content
  5. Create a pull request

Please title your pull requests appropriately, summing up what your commits are about. Also, please raise separate pull requests for each change as this makes it easier to discuss and shepherd updates in self-contained units. Provide links to third-party uses that support your issue or pull request. After successfully submitting your PR, you should see it here:


If you run into problems please reach out on Slack in the #marketing-business-value channel. We’ll be happy to help!

See the Style Guide for information on the format and style of glossary entries.

Last modified October 5, 2021: Help docs refactor (#235) (b30f6c4)